Two Years.

So we’ve been in our little house for two years now.

Two years.

How has it gone by so quickly?!

Also how on earth is it October already?!

My last post was in March.  What has happened since March?

We have somehow gone from 9 chickens to 19. 4 of which are roosters.

Short story that I drag out into a long story made short again:

We had 9, one died. That leaves 8.

We got 6 new chicks. 14.

Our dog killed one. 13.

In my chicken grief, I impulsively bought 3. 16.

One of the impulse buy chicks died. 15.

Then we had one of our big girls go broody, so we got a few fertile eggs for her to sit on.

She hatched out 4. 19.

Three of her four little chicks are roosters.

One of my impulsively purchased chicks is a rooster.

I love them all.

Except two of the roosters. They’re jerks.

Joseph and I went to St Louis in May for Spring Quilt Market. I LOVED Spring market!  Fall Market can be overwhelming for me. Spring Market was much calmer feeling.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s smaller or because everyday I feel little more comfortable.

In late May we moved my shop a mile down the road.  I love the new space very much!  We’re still finishing it and some days it feels like we have SO much going on that I don’t know where to turn first.

In August we celebrated the shop’s 1st birthday! There are no words for how that felt.


The rest of the summer has been a blur of fabric, chickens, hot days, busy and relaxed moments.



Birthday Musings.

There is a little spider that hangs out in the corner or the shower.

He’s been there for about a month I think.  Just hanging out.  I don’t like spiders but he doesn’t seem to be interested in moving closer to the humans so I’ve let him be.

If he decides to suddenly advance he’s outta here.  But in the meantime I say hello to him each morning and then carry on with my day.

We’ve had a cold front move through the area and it just happened to coincide with the arrival of our new batch of chickens- I picked them up from the feed store last Thursday (oh my goodness they are absolutely ADORABLE! And tiny- so very tiny.)  Anyway- seeing as it has been freezing since we got them they’ve been living in the house.

It is driving the dogs crazy.

Today is my birthday- yay Pi Day! This past year so much happened that I can’t even imagine what this year will entail.

The year I’m 34 will include our 15th wedding anniversary.  The shop’s 1 year anniversary.  Hannah’s 13th birthday.  Joey’s 14th birthday.  A pretty exciting year planned already!

My day was a nice one for sure- I worked.  At my little shop.  Something that I don’t know if I ever thought I’d say.  I received calls.  Texts.  Messages on Facebook and Instagram.  Joseph and the kids searched all over Little Rock for pie for me- and in the meantime found me a running watch that I’ve been wanting- yay!

After I closed up shop Joseph and the kids took me out to dinner- yay enchiladas!

All in all I felt very loved and appreciated (honestly I do every day- I’m so incredibly lucky)!

Speaking of running- one of my goals post half marathon was to KEEP running. To keep building my endurance and stamina.  As a part of that I signed up for a local  women’s running clinic.  I joined the intermediate running group knowing that it was a bit out of my range of ability- but I needed something to push myself.  I know me- if I give myself the option I will walk every time.

The first run was good.  On Thursdays we work on endurance- we did a 3 mile jog/ run.  I walked plenty- but I did actually jog most of it!

Yesterday was Monday- we do speedwork/ hills on Mondays.  It was so cold and crazy windy outside!

Oh my goodness- I loved the speedwork!  I was surprised and thrilled.

I’m excited for the rest of the clinic.  I really think this is going to be a great way to push myself to the next step.

Maybe the year I’m 34 will also be the year I become a runner?

I’d be ok with that.




Not Finished.

Might as well keep the finishing theme going here.

It’s starting to feel like we may never finish this little house of ours.

We love it, really we do. But my goodness our to-do list just seems to get longer with each passing week rather than shorter.

Multiple reasons I suppose.

Joseph’s got a new schedule that keeps him very busy, I seem to have a full schedule now as well.

Plus there’s the whole two steps forward, one step back conundrum we have working here.

Though some weeks it feels more like one step forward, two steps back.

We started this little house using a shell made for sheds.  It seemed like the perfect idea.  But what all these people that have done this in the past seem to forget to mention is that they really aren’t made to live in.

Shocking, right?

So we started building it out so we could live in it, and some important factors were overlooked.

This building is missing the usual amount of insulation and weatherproofing.

So when we started heating the inside of the little house once the weather turned cold, we got sweating walls.  So we had to stop everything and take care of that problem.

A couple of months ago I was stripping the bed to wash the sheets and whatnot and noticed they were soaking wet from being between the box spring and the mattress.

We hadn’t set up our bed frame because we hadn’t put the floors down yet.  With the difference in temperatures inside and out our floor was sweating under the box spring and there was no where for the moisture to go.

So Joseph moved putting the floors down in the room to the top of the to-do list.

He got the floors laid and the bed put up.  (Which I am so incredibly happy about- I missed making a real bed!)

Then two days later we noticed the whole floor in the room was wet.

It was sweating!  The temps in house were much warmer than outside and despite the underlayment, the floor didn’t have nearly enough insulation!

So Joseph spent every free minute under the house the following week putting an insulating layer under the floors.

So we’re making progress- but it feels like we aren’t because we’re backtracking and fixing issues that we didn’t foresee.

Every few days we start talking about a new project to start or add.  That seems to inevitably lead to when we need to fix or finish or change BEOFRE we can start the new project.

It’s kind of exhausting.

We’ve said more than once that if we did this again we would just build from scratch- there are many days when I’m pretty sure that it would have been faster! (And maybe cheaper haha!)

Oh well.  Live and learn.

I know there will be a day when we are finished, but right now it just seems so far away.  I just have to keep reminding myself that even the tiniest step forward is getting us to our end goal.




Our first half marathon is in the books.

We signed up in October- and thus began our haphazard training.

We have tried this before, but a few weeks into training we get bored and distracted and eventually fizzle out.

We aren’t big fans of adding things to our schedule, so it wasn’t a smooth transition for us.

There were weeks that we did fairly well, and there were weeks that we got to Sunday and realized we kind of forgot to train.

But instead of skipping the following week- this time we made it a point to jump back in and ignore the bump in the road.

That was a big step for us.

Our sister in law, Wendy, was a huge help- she kept reminding me that it wasn’t about how fast we went, it was about getting the distance in.  That really helped keep me from giving up when I couldn’t run the  entire distance.

I give up on things that I don’t like really easily.

And I can honestly say I don’t like running.

But I want to.

So the fact that I couldn’t run the entire scheduled training session but did the distance anyway- huge in my book.


So we kept at it as much as we could and race weekend finally rolled around.


It was a whirlwind.  (It’s Wednesday now and I think I am just now starting to catch up.)

We left Friday at 530ish and got to Ft Worth by 11 and settled in for sleep by 1 or so.

We were back up and getting ready at 430.

Shuttle was at 615 I think.  The adult 5k wasn’t until 8 or 830 and the kid 5k wasn’t until 9 or 930 , I don’t know, I’ve already forgotten.

But anyway that was the last shuttle time- so we got there crazy early and wandered the expo for a while.

Wendy and her mom and the girls got there I guess around 7 or 730.

Joseph and Wendy got in their corrals for the 5k and they both did great!  Wendy did what she was supposed to do- she took it nice and easy- more of a shake out run before the marathon and nothing more.

Joseph pushed himself and ran the whole 5k- at about a 10 minute pace- he did awesome.  I’m so proud of him and how he’s taken this training on.

Afterward we got the girls in their corral for the 5k.

They did so great!  Hannah is amazing.  She embraces things with a passion that is contagious.  We signed the girls up for the kids 5k  in January and her and her cousin were running up and down the hallway not 5 minutes later- training.


Afterward we spent the rest of the afternoon just kind of hanging out really.  Nothing major.

Later in the evening we went to Wendy’s uncle’s to drop the kids off with Wendy’s parents and to have Wendy follow us back to the hotel.  We got all the way to the hotel when Wendy’s dad called and told her that she left her race bib for Sunday- so she had to drive ALL the way back to go get it.

Fun times.

I think we managed to get to sleep by 11 or so- so still not a ton of sleep but better.

Sunday we were up at 4 and out the door by 530.  The shuttles were much fuller and they couldn’t take everyone that was waiting.

So we all stood outside in line in the freezing wind wait for the next one.

We got there, went in to the expo hall (expo was packed up already), got in line to pee, then we waited.

Wendy was in corral 2 and we were in 8 so she went out to line up first then we followed a few minutes later.

Then it was time to go!  The energy at the starting line is a lot of fun.  Electric.  Everyone is excited, music is blaring, people are jumping up and down to stay warm.  There is an energy that makes you feel like you are right where you’re supposed to be in the world.

We started off pretty well, then my lungs started to fizzle and so we walked a lot of the course.  Ran when I felt like it.  I wasn’t upset by this at all- I knew I’d be walking a lot.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for my lungs to catch up with my legs during this round of training and it just hasn’t happened yet.

Joseph kept encouraging me and telling me that we could go just a bit faster- “come on a little faster you can do it just a little faster” I started getting very frustrated- like I wasn’t doing good enough- at about mile 6 I started crying and snapped at him.

My 5am bagel had worn off and I was done.

My legs were tired, I didn’t want to go any more.

He was a little more cautious of how he encouraged me after that.

Poor guy. (Sorry Joseph lol)  I felt so bad for snapping at him- it’s not really our thing.

But after my little meltdown I found more energy and sped up.

After that though anytime someone on the side cheered us on- if they said you’ve got this, you’re doing it, you’re going to finish, you rock, you’re a beast- I teared up.

And that pissed me off.

I hate encouragement apparently.

Actually I think it was because I was starting to realize that I was going to finish and it was really emotional to realize I was actually going to do it.  I think in the back of my mind I was expecting myself to not be able to.

However- Wendy OMG. We were tracking her as we were going on the app and she was rocking it.  Staying right on track to hit her goal of a sub 4hour marathon.  Then we got a text from her (she doesn’t text when she’s running).  She did something to her leg and was going to have to slow down.

I was freaking out- I sped up thinking that I’d be able to get to her or something.

I just wanted to get to her to make sure she was ok.

The medics asked her to stop multiple times and she refused.  Stubborn girl.  I felt horrible for her.  I still feel horrible for her.  But she’s taking it all in stride and will be fine.

Waiting for her to get to the finish line was the most difficult part of the day it turned out.

I was really worried.  She finally got to the finish line and bowed (literally) and medics ran to her and took her to the medical tent.  They couldn’t do anything other than say yep you hurt your leg- you need to go see a doctor lol.  *eye roll*

We hobbled her to the runner’s food table and to get her finisher shirts and her cowbell medal. Then to the shuttle to the hotel to get cleaned up.  She’s one of my heroes. For sure.

We met up with her parents, the kids, and Joseph’s mom (she came up to see us) at a bbq restaurant for lunch then we all headed home.  It rained most of the drive home.

All in all it was a great weekend- Monday we were shot though.

Our bodies were sore and our minds were foggy.

And we were hungry all day!

It took us an hour to write a grocery list lol.

I burnt a pot of beans.

I roasted veggies and forgot them in the oven after I turned it off.

Joseph asked me a really simple question (something like so you think they’re going to replace the electrical poles? I had just told him I thought they were going to replace the poles) and it took me about 30 seconds to think about the answer.

We went to bed at 9, we wanted to go to bed at 8 but we both knew that would have meant were up and ready for the day at 3am Tuesday.

So now on to the next running goal for the year. (I set about 6 running goals for 2017, completing this half was the first one.)



As I sit here watching yet another Harry Potter in a marathon we began just before Christmas, I’m going through my bullet journal from 2016.

I know so many people are ready to see 2016 go by the wayside.

I, personally, do not wish it gone.  I’ve never liked wishing away time.

Plus, 2016 was a lovely year for us.

We enjoyed our first snowfall since moving to Arkansas in January.

We got our driveway put in in February.

We drove to Houston and ate all the food in April.

We got chickens!!! These girls have just been the most entertaining and wonderful addition.  We’ve so enjoyed them.  They’re funny and so full of personality.

We found the Greek festival in May- they had some really great food which made us so happy!

We had a garden that actually produced edible food- quite the feat!

In August we opened our little quilt shop!  It has been such an amazing experience.  I’ve learned that I am much more capable in social situations than I thought.  Although I do have a presentation coming up in January that I am feeling completely nervous about.  They’ve allotted 45 minutes for me to talk to the guild and that just seems like such a long time!  I’m certain that it’ll all go smoothly and that the time frame will work out just fine- but in the meantime I’ll just be nervous!

In September we got our first egg from Cinnamon- it was a very exciting moment.  Since then we’ve had 5 more join her- we now get 6 eggs a day from our girls.

In October Joseph and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary- time flies.  Seriously.  It’s crazy.  At the end of October we drove to Houston for Fall quilt market which was such a fantastic time.  We learned so much.

In November Hannah turned 12 and then in December Joey turned 13.  Another example of time just flying by.

Oh and Joseph put the floor down in our room this month and it looks amazing- so excited!

2016 was a good year.

I know for many it was not.  I know that there is uncertainty in the minds of many.  I know that we lost so many artists that there came a time when we seriously wondered who else could possibly be taken only to find that it was worse than we could have imagined.

But again 2016 was a good year.  We were blessed enough to each wake up 365 mornings.  We learned.  We chased dreams.  We made friends.  We challenged ourselves.  We set goals.  We experienced joy and happiness.  Uncertainty and doubt.  All of these things are a part of life and we live life knowing that each day brings what it will.  We simply do our best to take things in stride and live life to it’s fullest.

What does 2017 hold for us?

A new bullet journal- I’ve found that I like this style for a planner.  A half marathon in February- yikes! (Seriously who thought this was a good idea?!  Wait I did…)   A year of building our little shop.  A year of making it a point to bring and keep running in our lives.  (We’re making progress!  Slow and steady wins the race- or gets picked up by the cut off time paddy wagon lol!)  A 15th anniversary.  A lot of fun times spent with my brother and his family since they live just around the corner now- yay!  A lot of sewing and quilting.  A lot of stretching this introvert past her comfort zone.  And floors in the living room and kitchen!

It’s going to be a good one, I’m sure.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


I seriously almost titled this ‘Good Morning!’

It’s 11pm.

I’m not sure why a super chipper sounding ‘Good morning!’ just popped in my head.

I try not to figure out the oddities of my brain.

I’m sitting in bed buried in blankets, surrounded by snoring dogs.

It’s finally cooled down here.

We can now use our down comforter and not sweat to death.  The heater is staying on all night now.

We still have warm enough days to walk around in t-shirts- but hey the nights are like crisp fall nights and I’m good with that.

I painted my nails last night- I had let my last polish job just disintegrate and didn’t even bother removing the old polish- I just painted over it.


We are in the middle of another busy week here.  Joseph’s working a crazy long stretch right now, I skipped my weekend by going to the shop yesterday to sew and then today I was the vendor at a local quilt guild.

It was my first time vending and I literally had no idea what to expect.  No clue what I should take- what would sell or what wouldn’t.

So in an effort to not have people staring at blah tables and thinking- “seriously, this is it?”- I took about half the shop it seemed.

It was worth it.

There were some very happy people and I think it gave them an idea of what my little shop is like.  It gave them a reason to come check it out, I think.

I’m happy I went- I was a nervous wreck- but survived and had a lot of fun.

I’m learning something.

I’ve never been comfortable just talking to people.  I was afraid they would, I don’t know what I was afraid of really. Them being snotty?  Mean? Rude?  I don’t know. But I avoided people.

I can’t now.  It’s not allowed.

But I’m finding that maybe people aren’t as standoffish and clique-ish as I thought.

It was me.

I was standoffish.

I wasn’t clique-ish because I didn’t have a clique- but I know I appeared unapproachable.  (I’ve always known this- in kindergarten a girl told me my eyebrows made me look mean.  I informed her I wasn’t mean. But I think I just left the conversation at that and I don’t think we became friends.)

I’m not a rude person and I’m not a mean person, I’m just not an outgoing people person.  I prefer to sit and read and observe.  I prefer to hide in the background.

Or at least I thought I preferred it.

I can’t hangout in the background and not talk to people now- I have to smile and chat and be approachable.

And I’m not hating it.

It’s even somewhat fun at times.

I still get incredibly nervous and flustered and my heart is racing and my cheeks get red and I freak out and can’t eat right before something like what I did this evening.  But once I’m there and in the thick of it- I suddenly realize that I’m enjoying myself.

I’m so confused.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is (or even what it was intended to be in the first place) but oh well I guess.


More Stuff. Less Stuff. Who Knows.

This morning Joseph and I had the increasingly rare opportunity to walk the property in our pajamas while drinking our coffee.

I say increasingly rare because it just happens to have been a while since we’ve done that.  The past two weeks have had us both going 100 miles per hour and feeling more than a little spread thin.

Joseph worked right up until it was time for us to leave for Houston and was back at work the day we got back.

And he has been working since.

I took this last Tuesday off to catch up on laundry and what not- then was back in the shop for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow we FINALLY have a day off together.  It’s already scheduled to the gills.

I’m very thankful for where we are in our life right now, although at times I wonder if we’ll ever have a nice relaxed twos days off together in a row.

One can dream I suppose.


I saved that draft four days ago.  I never finished it.

I’ve seriously been feeling emotionally drained this past week.

There is just so much going on.  I don’t really even know where to look.

Cory and Wendy are moving closer to us and we’re so incredibly happy for them (and for us).  Our original plan to all live on this property never happened- for reasons that really don’t matter now- timing just wasn’t right honestly. No big deal- everything worked out the way it was supposed to.

But anyway- they’re moving.  We have had basically zero free time to help them move and Joseph and I both feel like crap because of it.

Cory is leaving the country for a few months soon and I feel like I should be spending as much time as possible with him, but turns out as much time as possible equals to about two times a month it feels like.  I think that’s compounding my guilty feelings regarding their move.  Ugh.

Basically- I’m just a whole lot of meh right now.

I was telling Joseph while we were on our walk that I feel like the whole “Less Stuff” thing got completely lost.

We added so much to our plate this year.

An entire business and all that goes with it for crying out loud.

But he, being the voice of reason, said that it is part of the process.

Everything we’ve added to our plate is part of a bigger picture.

Everything has a reason.

It just feels like an overwhelming jumble right now.

One day it’ll all make sense.

I hope.

Ok this is all over the place.

I am going to just call this one finished.



Violet and Joseph Go To Market.

We. Are. HOME.  Holy moly we slept hard and woke up feeling like we had been run over lol.

Ok so Quilt Market- wow.  First of all Thursday Joseph worked then we left after he got home.  Rose (the pet sitter) was here to see us off and to get the dogs settled in for the evening.  So since there was an extra person here I was out of sorts and my packing suffered lol.

We got about 80 miles away from home before I realized I didn’t bring my business cards or Joseph’s pens or notepads.  Fail.

I only had three cards on me for the whole weekend.

The drive went well, we got to Janet and Peter’s (our friends) about 2 o 230 I think.  Slept for a couple of hours and got back up at 6 to leave by 7 for classes.

They live about 25 miles away from downtown Houston- we had to be downtown at the convention center.  So we played in traffic.

While driving toward downtown Friday a rock hit our windshield and we got a big chip.


It was on my side and I told Joseph we were going to have to get is fixed asap before it spread because it was huge- not two minutes later it was 12 inches long.  So now we have to look into get the taken care of.

Friday classes were from 10am to 6pm- it was a day full of 15 and 30 minute classes- it felt like jr high again running around the halls from classroom to classroom not knowing exactly where everything was lol.  We skipped the last two sessions so we could walk to go get dinner.  Then we got back for Sample Spree- It started at 7, we got there about 545 and already there were hundreds of people already waiting lol.

Sample spree was fun- I’m not a cut throat elbow thrower so it was much more relaxed for us than some but enjoyable.

We headed back to Janet’s afterward and spent a couple of hours talking and hanging out before going to bed.

Saturday we got up at 6 again to get ready and be down there for an 8am class again, we spent a little time wandering the exhibit hall after the class but we wanted to get leave early to get a few things done as well.

While we were walking through we stopped at the Alison Glass booth to look at the her new collection coming out and one of her people (Karen) was picking patterns up off the floor for apparently the billionth time that morning.  They had them displayed on a little ledge and every time someone walked by the air movement would knock the patterns down.  So anyway- we got to talking to Karen about that and Joseph said that a little rail would have been a good idea, like on a boat.  Then I said they could use string across the patterns to make a little rail type thing.  Karen said she like the idea, then we wandered off.

We walked around a bit more then left to go to the butcher shop we like in Houston to get some more seasoning, then we went to have some bbq before going to Janet and Peter’s for the evening.  Janet made spaghetti and we had dinner and just spent the evening like we usually do with them- talking and laughing.

We went to bed a little early (midnight).

We got up at 5 Sunday to get the kids up as well and across town to Lala’s (Joseph’s mom) house so they could spend the day with her- we had class at 8 (AGAIN) so we dropped them off and then hightailed it back downtown for that.  Sunday we spent the entire day at market lol.  We left once to walk over for lunch and so Joseph could watch the end of the football game.  Then we were back at Market to continue our day.  We talked to some sewing machine dealers to start thinking about what brand we’d like to carry at some point.  We talked to so many people and gah my brain will take some time to recover lol.

So anyway we’re walking around and all of a sudden Karen comes running up to us and tells us to come look lol- they used hot pink string and thumbtacks to secure the patterns hahaha!  She referred to us as the boat people.  Alison was there and Karen told her we were the boat people and so we talked for a little bit.  Then we went on our way again lol.

So I wanted to order at least one complete line while at market.  Buying a complete line is a big commitment for me because of the cost and whatnot.  Up until now I’ve been buying assorted fabrics for multiple lines and manufacturers to have a variety.

So Joseph and I were talking and I was trying to decide what line I wanted to order and it was decided that we would order the next Alison Glass Sunprint line.  We talked to the company that distributed her fabric and placed our order.

Well as we were leaving we stopped to say goodbye to Karen and Alison and I started to tell Alison that I just ordered her line as my first complete line and I COULDN’T GET THE WORDS OUT!  I started to tear up and my voice broke and I freaked the hell out!  I hate getting emotional and I was freaking out that I as going to cry and so I hid my face behind Joseph’s arm lol.  Anyway when I came back out of hiding she had tears in her eyes too!  Omg- I made her cry lol.  It was hilarious and awkward- I hate emotion.  She gave me a hug and I regained my composure long enough to chat a bit and then she had to leave but she wanted us to talk to one of her girls so they could send me some information and what not.  They were all really helpful and sweet lol.

We had a class to take in after the floor closed at 6, we got out at 7 I believe.

From there we went to Ikea to pick up some rollie carts for one of my customers.

Then we went to have dinner before heading back to Lala’s to sleep.

Monday we got up at 6, left by 7 for our last class at 8, then we wandered the exhibit hall a bit and tied up some last minute strings before leaving for good.  We met Lala and the kids for lunch and left with the kids from there.  We drove to Janet’s to get the rest of our stuff that we had left over there.

Then we headed out.

After zig zagging through pre rush hour traffic for an hour an still being in Houston Joey threw up all over himself and the back seat.


I about died- he never gets sick.

Anyway- we had to extract ourselves from the traffic and get to a point where we could pull over (the whole time he’s still throwing up and Joseph’s on bluetooth talking to the Harris County Toll Road people.

We pull over, I open Joey’s door and retch a few times (I seriously almost lost it) as he’s getting out of the car.  He stands there spitting and just looks at me like what the hell?!  So I make him strip to his underwear as I’m cleaning out the back seat (while retching lol) then I found him some pajamas that were easy to access.

So we get semi-cleaned up and head over to a Walmart to get something to deal with the seats and the smell and some plastic bags incase it was going to happen again.

Then he said he was hungry so I knew it was a one time thing lol.

The rest of the drive home was uneventful, we stopped and had Whataburger, Joey had to wear my shoes in lol.

We were delirious by the time we finally got home and we instantly went to bed.

All in all we had a great time- it was exhausting but very revitalizing.  Lots of great ideas and now I have a CRAPTON of stuff to do for the shop lol.

Ok that is crazy long.  Sorry.

So- that was market in a nutshell!  Can’t wait to do it again!

I’m feeling really encouraged about our little shop, we have a lot of work to do but so many ideas!


The “I Haven’t Written In A While” Brain Dump.

My brain has been on overload for a few weeks now.

My Post-It to do list on the wall by the register at the shop is all in a frenzied mess.  I keep adding things to it before finishing what’s currently on it.  I jump from project to project. People come in to the shop and we talk and they ask questions, I answer them.  They give me information about projects, fabrics, patterns, classes, workshops they’d like to see in the shop- I write them down and look them up later.  I went to a new guild meeting this evening.  I brought a book to read.  Introvert alert.  I never got a chance to read- I actually introduced myself to people and talked to other humans.  I got up in front of the group and introduced myself and my little shop.  I’ll be a vendor at next month’s meeting.  Later this week I am presenting a quilt pattern I made to our local quilt guild.  Again- I have to stand up and talk to people.  Terrifying.  I asked my brother if he’d wear a wig and go for me- he said he would- he’s a good brother.

Honestly- I’m loving it.  I love having a little shop.  I love talking to people about this art form that so many are passionate about.  I love that everyone that comes into the shop has a story.  Every quilt has a purpose.  As I’m quilting them I think about their final home and hope that they’ll be loved for many years.  I love having a to-do list.  I’m lazy by nature and when I don’t have timeline obligations I tend to not really do much of anything.  Unless you count napping.  I nap.  A lot.  I love naps.  I wish I was napping right now- but it’s 11pm and if I nap now- well that’d be called going to bed.

Joseph and I were talking today and we came to the conclusion that October is flying by at a rapid rate and will be finished before we know it.  I’m not ok with that.  I prefer to enjoy our days- not feel rushed through them.  But alas- it is what it is.  October will be gone in a blink.

Joseph took vacation time earlier this month- it was originally for us to go to the tri- but instead he got stuff done around here, he and Hannah went camping with my brother and niece.  They all had a great time and I think the time spent fishing and chatting fireside with Cory while the girls roasted marshmallows was good for Joseph’s soul.  He needed a break from the day to day.  I was very glad they were able to go.

My sister-in-law has decided to run another half marathon in December and then another full marathon in February.  And somehow (I don’t fully recall the conversation) she convinced me to sign up for the half in February.  So while she’s running her full marathon- Joseph and I will be running the half.  We’ve already registered and can’t back out now lol.  Training started this week.  And I have to say- I’m terrified.  I don’t run.  I have never run.  I played soccer in high school and somehow managed to not run.  My coach would tell me to run and I’d say no thanks and go about my merry business (I was the team benchwarmer.  Varsity though so I got a letterman jacket for it.  Thank goodness for tiny schools that don’t have a JV team or enough people to really have “tryouts” if you showed to sign up for the team you were on the team.)  Anyway- not a runner.  I want to be though.  So maybe that’s a start?

I’m STILL reading Gone With the Wind (been reading it now for a month and a half!)- freaking long book!  But oh my do I love it.  I can hardly stand how much I am loving this book.  I want to read it all to see how it ends and also never have it end because I love these characters so much.  But I ordered the movie so I have to finish the book soon.  I am pretty sure I’ve watched the movie at least once in my lifetime- but I do not remember it at all- so I’m so incredibly excited to see the book come to life.

Joseph’s been making progress here at the house.  The boxes for the staircase to the loft above the kitchen have all been built and are in place, now he’s working on building the boxes for the bookcase that sits on the steps.  Every chance he gets he’s back in his workshop area making boxes and working on shelves for the kitchen.  He’s handy.  I’ll keep him.

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of our first night camping out in our little house.  October 15th.  The little house isn’t finished- but it sure has come a long way since then!


Into The Future.

I have always been afraid of the future.

As a kid I would frequently cry and tell my mom that I didn’t want to grow up.

I was never one of those kids that couldn’t wait to be a grown up with my own house and job.

I’ve never completely grown out of my dislike for the future.

The unknown.

The other day my sister in law asked me to go on a trip with her in five years and of course I quickly said yes.

We’re travel buddies.  We always have such a great time and see so many amazing things- well maybe except for our trip to Corpus Christi a couple of years ago- that one was a bust.  The weather sucked, we managed to pick crappy restaurants, we never managed to get to a beach.  The highlight of that trip was a visit to a German restaurant (the only good meal we had there) and to a national park that featured sea turtles.  Although they didn’t actually have any sea turtles for us to take home with us so that was a bummer.  We finally ended up driving up to San Antonio and meeting up with Joseph and my brother and had a lovely day with them.

Anyway- back to the story.

Five years from now.

I know it’ll go fast- time seems to move more quickly with each passing year.

But there are just so many unknowns.

What will our lives look like in five years?

Will we still be in our little house or will we have moved?  We have no plans to move, but what’s to say we won’t at some point?

Joey will be 17 years old.  Going on 18.  Holy crap.  Excuse me while I go hyperventilate over that fact.  What will 17 year old Joey be like?  Will he still be an avid reader?  Will he still be telling me some story about Minecraft?  Will he finally grow out of the clothes he’s fit into for the past two years now?!  17 years old.  I can’t comprehend that fact.

Hannah will be 16 going on 17.  What?!  Will she still dislike pink as much as she does now?  Will she still refuse to wear anything that has any kind of embellishment on it?  Will she still keep Joey in check?  Will she still love music as much as she does now?  Will she still be eager to create?  Will she be as terrifying a driver as she was a bike rider? (I once watched her literally ride her bike right into a wall without even trying to hit the brakes.)

Will we still have our motley crew of dogs?  Mozart the grumpy westie, Beaux the aloof hound mix, Sebastian the high strung basketcase, and Odin the needy husky?

Will we still have any of our original chicken crew?

Will Punwinkle, the traveling gnome, still live in my purse?

What kind of really bad days will we have between now and then?  What kind of really good days?

There are just too many unknowns for me to process.

And if I can’t plan for everything- then I don’t want to plan for anything.

The furthest I’m willing to look into the future at any given point is a year.

I feel I can process a year.

I can see what I want the shop to look like and what I feel it will look like in a year.

I can see our little house being closer to finished and our property coming together more and more.

I can see Joey at 13 and Hannah at 12.

I can imagine our pups will all still be here and just as obnoxious as they are today.

Punwinkle will still be in my purse in a year- he’s been there the last 6- he has no reason to leave anytime soon.

In high school they asked us to write about where we saw ourselves in five years and I remember completely freezing.  I honestly don’t think I ever wrote anything down.  I just couldn’t see myself in five years.

Maybe this all ties back to my habit of not saying what I am going to do before it actually happens- I absolutely hate when I say I’m going to do something and end up not doing it.  I’m assuming these personality quirks are linked.

I feel like if I say something will happen or plan on something happening before it does I will jinx it.

There’s really no moral to this post- just more of a funny realization that I had.  Realizing that thinking about the future has always paralyzed me.

Good grief.